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The New Chamber Website

We're building a chamber website that works for everyone, but there are a few issues. 

Welcome to the brand new Oregon City Chamber of Commerce website! We're so happy to be working on this website that aims to better represent the diverse business community we have here in Oregon City. We're hoping you'll find it much easier to connect with other businesses, learn new skills, and engage with your city.

The website has been built in a way that makes it much easier to keep updated and connected. Expect it to keep evolving and updating as the chamber grows and we add more benefits to our members.

Due to a complication with our previous host, we were forced to launch the new website sooner than previously thought and a few kinks are still being worked out. Thank you so much for your patience as we work through this.

Current Known Issues:

  • [FIXED] Mobile menu not working on certain pages. If you experience this we recommend going back to the home page and using the menu there. Clicking the OC Chamber logo will take you back.
  • [FIXED] Poor formatting on event pages
  • [FIXED] Board of directors page not working
  • [FIXED] Chairmans Circle page not working
  • Book a workspace link not working - we're writing the page content.
  • [FIXED] Some icons not rendering on pages

What you can do to help:

Complete your online profile. To have a chamber website that truly works for everyone it is important that you complete your online profile. Most chamber members have not updated their profiles with crucial information or photographs.

Click here to log into your account and complete your profile. If you're having trouble call our head office for guidance.

Give your feedback. Use the feedback form below to share what you think about the new website.

Report an issue. Contact us to report a problem with the website.

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